Project 2

English title

3D DSS – Earth Cable || 3D DSS – EC

Enhancing the 3D DSS for supporting the planning of electric power systems: Integration of underground cables

German title

3D DSS – Erdkabel || 3D DSS – EK

Erweiterung des 3D DSS zur Unterstützung der Planung von elektrischen Versorgungsleitungen: Integration von Erdkabeln


Project Duration: 01.06.2018–31.05.2020
Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Martin. Raubal (IKG)
Project Co-Leader: Prof. Dr. Adrienne Grêt-Regamey (PLUS)
Internal Researchers: Dr. Ulrike Wissen Hayek (PLUS), Joram Schito (IKG)


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allow calculating and visualizing power line corridors in 3D. However, existing approaches are limited to overhead lines. The goal of this project is therefore to develop an inte-grative approach that models overhead lines and underground cables taking into account geological, infrastructural, ecological, as well as socio-economic aspects and to integrate the algorithm into an existing 3D web-GIS-platform – the 3D Decision Support System (3D DSS) of ETH Zurich.